We supply kilometres of paper!

so many rolls of stock paper and siderun are delivered to our customers every month

Stock paper
and siderun

In our offer you will find the following stock papers and siderun:

  • Flutings and Testliners in reels from 50cm, 90-280gms
  • Greyboards in reels 200-550gms
  • Greyboards in bobbins 70-120mm
  • GC 190-350gms paper reels and sheets
  • GD/GT 300-550gms paper reels
  • Brown kraft papers 32-85 gms in reels
  • White kraft papers 24-60 gms in reels
  • Offset paper 50-240gms in reels
  • Coloured kraft (coloured in mass) 40-42gms in reels
  • Tissue paper

Processed paper

In the offer of papers processed in our company you will find:

  • FL, TL and Greyboard paper in a sheet and bobbin from 50 mm - production of paper tubes and sleeves
  • Sheeted newsprint - wrapping paper
  • Kraft paper in sheet and bobbin (reel to size) - wrapping paper, production of bags, sacks, envelopes
  • DC, GD cardboard. GT in sheet and bobbin (reel to size) - production of trays, plates, underlays
  • Offset paper in sheet and bobbin (reel to size) - production of envelopes, stationery, printing

Comprehensive offer, high quality

Choose from many types of recycled paper. Contact us and we will prepare an offer for you.

1st grade paper

Among the 1st grade paper we offer:

  • Recycled paper 75-80gms 80-265cm for paperboard production
  • Greyboard paper 250-650gms in bobbin
  • GC paper 200-400gms

Core board producer